We offer a wide variety of jewelry and various services: advice, follow-up healing during the process, care and various piercings recess ranging from the lobe to the micro dermal by passing through the bridge.

For the more adventurous people, various body modifications are also proposed, contact us for more information.

Intimate piercings

To better serve you and just by loving the piercing in all its forms, it seemed natural and obvious to us to specialize in the intimate piercing either female or the male one in order to offer you a wider range of piercings.

The Piercings

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Piercing Costs

Services FRS
Lobe with ring 30.-
Lobe with straight bar – 2 fitting jewels included 40.-
Nose 40.-
Cartilage with ring 40.-
Cartilage with straight bar – 2 fitting jewels included 50.-
All other piercing, including the intimate – 2 fitting jewels included 100.-
Microdermal 150.-
All piercing is accompanied by an antiseptic soap or an oral lotion 0.-


Piercing Care

The care for a piercing is simple but important to get a good healing.
Clean it for 2 to 4 weeks one to two times a day as follows :
– Apply neutral pH antiseptic soap after washing your hands thoroughly.
Dilute it with water (about 50%), lather it, and apply it on the piercing then, rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all the soap to avoid irritating the area.
– Beforehand, if there is lymph (scar tissue secretion that forms small whitish / yellowish crusts during small wounds or just from a piercing) Soften with a small pressure of warm water and gently remove them all with a Q-tip (and not with the nails).
– It is important to remove these crusts before treating it (cleaning above) so as not to damage the healing channel.

Oral Care

After the installation of this piercing, you will certainly feel discomfort swallowing and talking. These inconveniences are caused by the bar, which must be longer than that of your jewel in order to give course to a normal inflammation, which will appear within 24 hours following the piercing and it will last from 2 to 15 days. The language will be somewhat painful, white and soggy.
– Use an oral disinfectant after meals (oral lotion provided for piercing).
– If you smoke, rinse more often.
– If necessary, take anti-inflammatory drugs the first days (ALGIFOR tablets, ARNICA granules, natural). You can also take ice cubes: it will have an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.
After 2 weeks, you will have to replace your first bar with a shorter piece of jewelry in order not to damage your teeth.
– This exchange is included in the price of piercing.
– Then you can choose from the multitude of fancy balls we sell in store.

The Piercers