Color Tattoos

There are mainly two tattoo artists who take care of the tattoo colors with us, where others do not hesitate to use them for certain projects.

Neotrad, realism color, floral tattoo, graphic

Black and white tattoos

All tattoo artists here practice and love the black and white tattoo each in different style.

Dotwork graphic ornamental mandala illustration

The Tattoos

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Scarification and peeling

The first week, it is important to have the wound covered with a cellophane to prevent crusts from forming.
Every morning of the first week, clean with water, removing any crust.
Once cleaned, you must cover the wound with shaving cream and then Vaseline. Cover everything with a cellophane.
In the evening: same operation but with lemon juice or vinegar instead of shaving cream.
Once the first week is over, there is no more cellophane or shaving foam. Continue with the Vaseline, lemon juice or vinegar until there is no crust.
This is only to delay the healing so that it comes in the best possible way.

Keep the compress at least 2 hours. Once the compress is removed, wash your hands well, and then put the tattoo under warm water for 2 to 3 minutes. Sponge with a clean cloth. Don’t do anything to the tattoo for the first night.

The next day, apply a moisturizing healing cream (EasyTattoo, Bepanthene plus, Aloe Vera …) approximately 3 to 4 times a day. Apply a thin layer of cream by penetrating properly.

During the 10-15 days after doing the tattoo:

– avoid the pool, lake and baths
– avoid prolonged sun exposure
– do not scratch, or remove any crusts

Return to your tattoo artist about 2 to 3 weeks later for a check.

Note: The healing times may vary depending on the quality of the skin and on the appropriate care. The retouches are free for 3 months, provided that the care has been followed carefully.

Tattoo Artists